Working with Sam

Sam works selectively with brands that share her values and align with her goals of promoting health and wellness, travel, adventure and creativity.

Sam has worked in partnership with some of Australia’s leading companies as a brand partner and spokesperson.

In the media

Sam is frequently asked to share her story in the public domain.

The Bloom story has been featured across leading media platforms around the world including The Australian, Time Magazine, The Dodo, The ABC 1+1, 7:30 Report, Sunrise, The Project, BBC and many more, reaching and inspiring millions of readers and viewers in Australia and around the world.

Sam was particularly honoured to have been asked to tell her story in her own words for Time Magazine in 2017 as part of the US launch of their book.

Digital + Social

Sam has a highly engaged and consistently growing audience across Facebook and Instagram, and an evolving online presence through her new blog.

Working with Sam gives your brand the opportunity to generate creative and authentic content that connects with your audience in a meaningful way.

Looking to collaborate?

Penguin Bloom

The story that’s captured hearts and minds in Australia and around the world.


Sam chooses to work with organisations close to her heart that create impact.


Sam delivers powerful keynote presentations that empower and inspire change.