Visual storytelling to inspire change


Sam is a refreshingly honest and deeply engaging speaker who takes us on an intimate, visual journey against the backdrop of her husband Cam’s stunning still photography and video.

Sam tells of the extraordinary highs and painful lows of life before, during and after the accident that changed her life forever, leading us through the journey back from the edge of a deep depression that almost claimed her life.

Not prone to sugar-coating, she pulls no punches about the situation she finds herself in and delivers her message with clarity and purpose to remind her audience that we have to live in the present as we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Sam has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon and is able to deliver poignant and tailored content on a range of themes including resilience, goal setting, facing adversity, family, healing, mental wellness and more.

Your audience will be left deeply touched and truly empowered by Sam’s story.

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“A unique and remarkable insight into a family dealing with tragedy and finding their way through it with love, courage and hope.”

– Naomi Watts

Sam takes life and the challenges it has provided well and truly ‘head on’. This resonates through her presentations and delivery, creating a powerful experience for her audience. If you’re seeking a remarkable and inspiring personal story delivered with passion and humility, Sam is an outstanding choice.

Dave FenlonManaging Director, Blackmores

“Sam’s story has always spoken to me so deeply in part for the courage that propels it, but also for the very special dose of grace that’s woven into the fabric. Having spent time with Sam and her family, I’ve seen how they hit rock bottom, but literally attracted nature into their lives in a way that reminds us of the best mysteries of life and spirit. We crave these reminders today more than ever.”

Sarah WilsonBestselling Author and Entrepreneur